What is a News Junkie?

As a journalist, I can’t help myself.   

I go into withdrawls if I haven’t checked Google News Canada in over four hours or so. My day feels incomplete without watching a local 6 o’clock news broadcast. I feel ignorant if I haven’t had a chance to at least browse my favourite city daily before noon.  

The craving started when I was young … I have fond memories of watching local anchors update my Dad and I, and in later years using the desire to catch the evening newscast as an excuse to leave the dinner table when I didn’t like what Mom had cooked up.  

I’m a curious person. I enjoy the celebrity gossip as much as the next person, but I also prefer to feel knowledgeable about current events that actually impact me. 

And so … I watch, read, surf, listen and observe as much as I can.  I guess you could call it an addiction.


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