Whales, check

November 2, 2013 at 9:00 am (To do before I die, Travel)

90. Go whale watching

I had the best birthday ever this year. Not only was I a newly married woman, but my fantastic husband decided we should go whale watching to mark the date of my entrance into the world. No argument here.

We were on the edge of the ocean for our honeymoon anyway, so we made the short drive over to Bar Harbor for the excursion. While the tour guide couldn’t promise we’d see anything – most of the whales were beginning to head for warmer waters – they took us out to a location where some of the huge sea mammals had been spotted that morning.

It was roughly an hour-long trip through deep blue waves and past the rolling green mountains of Maine’s coast.


After several minutes of scanning the horizon, one of the crew spotted a breath of air in the distance. We headed that direction, and sure enough – two humpbacks surfaced nearby.

whales 1

Researchers had previously sighted the two creatures and named them Tornado and Lemon Drop, after markings on the underside of their tails.

whales 2

They were magnificent, really. Though it was difficult, while craning our necks from the deck of a large boat, to grasp how enormous the whales were, our guide suggested they were around 40 feet long.

whales 5

One was kind enough to show off a sort of tail flip for us, but alas, no breaching this time.

whales 3

The sunny afternoon at sea also included sightings of porpoises and a host of grey seals perched on a rocky island. Glorious.

Thanks, hubby!



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