Polar plunge, check

December 6, 2012 at 9:06 am (Random)

91. Do a polar bear dip

Note: I plan to return to this blog to provide details of most epic of adventures, specifically those that allow me to cross another item off my life to-do list.

This one has come and gone – and come back again – to my “bucket list”. I watched some friends jump into a seriously cold river last year around this time and figured it wasn’t something I was really keen to copy.

But then I was asked to participate this year, and I couldn’t say no. The Chillin’ for the Children event was raising money for a home in Gulu, Uganda, that cares for kids with nowhere else to go. Talk about a good cause. So I collected a couple hundred dollars and signed the waiver.

To be honest, I was more nervous about this one than most of the other crazy things I’ve done. Diving out of a plane? Sheer awesomeness! Bungee jumping? How fun! But leaping into a freezing body of water? Um … painful.

But it wasn’t as shocking or terrible as I expected. I was pretty numb by the time our team made the run into the Raquette River in Postdam, NY, last Saturday, so the water wasn’t so bad. But then, I didn’t linger. Someone had to break the ice off the surface before the plunge, so there wasn’t exactly space to swim around.

I lost a shoe in the chaos, so I had to run barefoot to the crowded changerooms. I estimate it took roughly an hour before my toes were no longer tingling. Good times!



  1. andrewbpaterson said,


  2. Jason B said,

    Oh my, that’s crazy. I would be a little nervous about that one too. After taking the wedding pics for Pete in the snow my fingers were tingling for a while, so I’m not sure what a plunge in cold water would do to me! Nice job.

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