Trudeaumania and maple syrup

October 3, 2012 at 9:56 am (News, Politics)

  • Justin Trudeau has officially entered the race to become leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, and I’m already tired of news stories about him. There have been weeks of speculation, which translated into dozens of articles and columns. Now he’s thrown his hat in – only the second person to do so – and will spend the next few months leading up to the April convention campaigning for the job. Which means dozens more articles and columns. I’m hopeful there will be substantial coverage of the Quebec MP’s positions and policies, not just comparisons to his prime minister father or opinions on whether or not he’s the saviour the party needs.
  • Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos is undergoing surgery this week for prostate cancer. I know most people outside South America won’t care, but after spending a year in the country – and watching live coverage of his election two  years ago – this one definitely caught my attention. Thankfully, the cancer was found early enough that the president is expected to make a complete recovery.
    Also in Colombia, the government is launching peace talks with the rebel group FARC this month. It’s a huge step after decades of fighting.
  • Remember that massive amount of maple syrup that was siphoned out of a storage facility in Quebec? Well … police found it. They obtained search warrants for a warehouse in New Brunswick and uncovered the thousands of gallons of the sticky deliciousness. Good work.
  • This video has gone viral and you’ve probably seen it already, but I thought it was worth posting. A news anchor in Wisconsinfired back against a bully on live television, taking the opportunity to challenge viewers to set a better example for their children. Anti-bullying initiatives are all the rage these days, but I appreciated that this woman asked adults to step up and watch their tongues – kids mimic behaviour they see from us, so really … the change starts here.

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  1. Tom said,

    I don’t see how that newscaster was being heralded as doing some great thing. Someone sent an e-mail concerned about her and her image. He wasn’t overly mean, didn’t make rude jokes, he didn’t curse, or anything like that. True, he could have worded it better, but it was the newscaster who made it public.

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