21 kilometres

September 10, 2012 at 9:31 am (Sports and fitness, To do before I die)

I ran a half-marathon on Saturday. It was my third race of the year – and ever – and the longest distance I’ve run to date. It was also the most beautiful course, through Lake Placid and North Elba. Whiteface Mt. was in the distance for several miles as we ran along a winding highway up and down hills and along streams. Gorgeous.

My time was 2:22 – decent enough but the slowest among the group I was participating with. I had convinced my friend Vera to sign up with us, and despite barely training at all (she hadn’t run more than 10k all year) she finished in 1:38, 23rd overall and first in her age category. My brother also came along, completing his first ever race with a time of 1:55. Impressive, to be sure.

It was a great time. I felt way better than I did during the last quarter of the Boilermaker, though my ankles and feet have never hurt so much. I was pumped to complete the race, but along the way I decided I’m no longer so keen on running a full marathon. Twenty-one kilometers was quite enough.

I’m done formal training for this year – no more races on the horizon for me. But I hope to at least maintain what I accomplished this year, and aim for a couple 5k and 10k events next year. And maybe a duathlon?

The half-marathoners, minus Vera


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