2012 Olympics: Team Canada

August 13, 2012 at 11:43 am (News, Sports and fitness) (, )

The 2012 Olympic Games wrapped up in London last night, with a three-hour closing ceremony of random guests showcasing British pop music. I was pumped to see Christine Sinclair – captain of our women’s soccer team – hoisting the maple leaf, with a huge grin on her face. She did a fantastic job and earned the honour of being our flag bearer.

Team Canada is heading home with 18 medals, only one of them goal. Though it might not be what some had hoped, I’m reminded of our incredible showing when we hosted the Olympics two years ago in Vancouver. Fourteen gold medals, the most of any country … ever. And there’s far fewer sports events (86 compared to 301), and therefore medals, in the winter Games.

So hey, we might not be quite as good at summer sports, but we can definitely hold our own. We finished 13th overall in the total medal count, well back of the three top finishers. The U.S. earned 104 medals; China had 88, and Great Britain won 65. I was pumped for them; what a great showing for the host nation. Cuba and Colombia – two of my other favourite countries in the world – finished with 14 and eight medals, respectively.

Here’s a breakdown of Canada’s hardware:


  • Rosannagh MacLennan, women’s trampoline


  • Adam van Koeverden, men’s kayak 1000m
  • Team Canada, rowing men’s eight
  • Team Canada, rowing women’s eight
  • Ryan Cochrane, men’s 1500m freestyle swim
  • Tonya Lynn Verbeek, women’s wrestling


  • Team Canada, women’s soccer
  • Derek Drouin, men’s high jump
  • Mark de Jonge, men’s kayak 200m
  • Mark Oldershaw, men’s canoe 1000m
  • Team Canada, women’s cycling team pursuit
  • Team Canada, women’s diving 3m springboard
  • Team Canada, women’s diving 10m platform
  • Antoine Valois-Fortier, men’s judo
  • Brent Hayden, men’s 100m freestyle swim
  • Richard Weinberger, men’s 10k swim
  • Christine Girard, women’s weightlifting
  • Carol Huynh, women’s wrestling

And that’s all … until the Games in Sochi, Russia, in two years.



  1. andrewbpaterson said,

    1 – This is a great overview post…I like the way you laid out the medallists.
    2 – I didn’t know that we won the most golds at a winter olympics ever…that’s HUGE!
    3 – I love how you used the numeric “14”, but the spelled out “eight”…so by-the-book! Great attention to detail!

    • Cheryl said,

      It’s the journalist in me, ha ha.

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