The Boilermaker

July 9, 2012 at 10:25 am (Sports and fitness, To do before I die)

Yesterday I ran further than I ever have in my life. Fifteen kilometres. It’s no marathon, but it was definitely a challenge.

On Saturday morning I met up with a few friends and we drove to Utica, NY, for the 35th annual Boilermaker road race.

My lovely fellow runners

Compared to Ottawa Race Weekend (the only other race I’ve done), I definitely preferred the expo and organization of the Canadian city. The route in Utica was really beautiful with some great views, just not quite the same as running alongside the gorgeous Rideau Canal. Also not impressed that medals and t-shirts weren’t part of the registration fee; I’ll have to make do with a finishers pin instead.

I hadn’t done an intense amount of training for this, but I did hit the pavement for at least one long run per week for the last month or so. I felt really good for the first 10 kilometres, despite a couple of hills. It was probably around kilometre 12 or 13 that I ran out of energy though. I walked a good portion of the last mile or two, darting into every sprinkler or hose along the way. As a result, my time wasn’t nearly as good as I had hoped (1:48:40), but hey – I finished! And it was with a solid sprint across the line.

We made it!

I’m pretty pumped I can say I ran the most competitive 15-kilometre race in the world, despite not being anywhere near competitive in it. It was, once again, a fabulous experience to hit the road with 13,000 other athletes, supported by hundreds of volunteers and spectators along the way.  I love the race culture and atmosphere – so positive and encouraging. There’s an instant bond with everyone of the other runners, as we have all trained and pushed ourselves to be there. And all – okay most – of us love doing it.

So what’s next? Well, after my muscles stop being sore I’m going to start looking into half-marathons this fall. Why not? I need another goal if I’m going to keep this up. A marathon is on my life to-do list, after all.



  1. andrewbpaterson said,

    Nice job, Cheryl!!!

  2. oldoldwoodenship said,

    Woo Woo! 15 K, way to go Cher!!

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