Standoffs and budget votes

June 14, 2012 at 12:06 pm (News, Politics) (, , , , , , )

  • It was a long night for Cornwall police yesterday. They spent ten hours outside a house on Bedford Street, negotiating with a man who had barricaded himself inside. It wasn’t until shortly after noon that they finally broke down the door and took the 43-year-old into custody. Thankfully it all happened peacefully and without injury. The man was charged this morning with several breaches of probation, as well as domestic assault and mischief.
  • Speaking of long nights, our 308 Members of Parliament are on hour twelve of a voting marathon on the government’s omnibus budget bill. Opposition parties have introduced hundreds of amendments to the dozens of pieces of legislature, and dealing with all of them is expected to take the rest of the day. MPs are reading, taking naps, working on their laptops and drinking coffee to kill time and stay awake in between their names being called. It seems like a ridiculous exercise since the Conservatives majority can vote down each and every suggested change, and yet also one of the only measures that makes sense to challenge the government’s control of power and information.
  • In other Parliament Hill news, interim Liberal leader Bob Rae announced yesterday that he officially doesn’t want the job of permanent Liberal leader. The race to head the third party is wide open, with a vote scheduled for next year.
  • Back to Cornwall. The city’s waterfront development committee held a couple of public consultations on Tuesday, asking for input on possible building near the civic complex. The majority were steadfastly against the idea, though many supported development further east past the ball fields. It’s a seriously controversial topic, with nearly everyone feeling a personal connection to and investment in the St. Lawrence River. Many grew up along the shoreline, and don’t wait to see an inch of access removed. Fair enough.
    The committee heard the message loud and clear; I don’t expect them to push the proposal any further – unless overwhelming results from a survey on the issue suggest otherwise. Either way, the meetings were an interesting and helpful exercise … though I think most people could have done without the accusations of committee conspiracy.


  1. Sean said,

    Ended peacefully? Is breaking down the door a peaceful resolution?

    peace |pēs|
    1 freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility

    Peace is a lofty goal – not easily attained. I hope that word didn’t make it into the story in the paper. Sorry, old editing habits die hard ;)

    • Cheryl said,

      Right as always, Sean. Thanks. :)

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