City council – April 23

April 24, 2012 at 3:44 pm (News, Politics) (, )

Gerald Samson is sworn in.

A new person joined the ranks of Cornwall city council last night: Gerald Samson was sworn in to replace Leslie O’Shaughnessy, who resigned earlier this month. Samson took the oath in council chambers before taking his seat around the table. He wasn’t shy for his first meeting either, he made and seconded several motions and stood up to add his input on several issues. Afterwards, he said he’s thrilled to be appointed to the job, though he would have preferred to be one seat to the left – the spot his father held during his years as a city councillor.

Despite public reaction and committee recommendations to the contrary, council voted to allow e-bikes on city recreation trails for at least another year. It’s just a trial period, and will be connected to an education campaign on overall path courtesy. Responses to an online survey showed plenty of people had negative experiences with other park users – from bikers not ringing their bell as a warning, to dogs left off their leashes, to pedestrians acting like they own the place. There are going to be poor sports no matter the situation, but it sounds like there’s already a lot of confusion about right-of-way and what’s allowed where … adding e-bikes could muddy the waters even further.

Personally, I don’t use the path enough to see them as a problem or not. However, I am absolutely against any other kind of motorized vehicles using the trails, and if e-bikes are allowed permanently I can see the trend leading toward owners of vespers and mopeds making their case for access. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

During last night’s two-hour meeting, council also discussed the need to promote local shopping and the next steps for increasing intercity bus travel. They approved changes to the city’s ice allocation policy, and accepted recommendations to improve in-camera meetings.

They are scheduled to meet next on May 8.


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