City council – April 10

April 11, 2012 at 9:55 am (News, Politics, Rants) (, )

Leslie O’Shaughnessy officially resigned his seat on Cornwall city council yesterday. He said he plans to hold a press conference in the coming weeks to explain his reasons for the decision, though he’s previously expressed frustration over in-camera issues and how they were handled. He’s walked out of several of the private gatherings over the last few months, refusing to participate in votes.

The rest of council will meet next Monday, April 16, at 6 p.m. to decide how to replace him. They have three options: hold an expensive by-election, appoint Gerald Samson – who finished 11th in the last municipal race – or appoint someone random from the community. I think the second option is best, though there are some concerns about Samson’s eligibility.

The vacant seat didn’t slow down the other ten members of council last night.
They approved a plan to combat geese in Lamoureux Park, agreed to allow leashed dogs in the green space on a permanent basis, debated a public consultation process for waterfront development, reviewed changes to their procedural bylaw, and voted on some tenders and bylaws. They agreed to purchase a piece of land from the conservation authority – for the whopping sum of $2 – that will eventually house a relocated snow dump.

They also asked staff to come up with a recommendation on a possible casino for Cornwall, since the provincial gaming agency has suggested building a new facility somewhere in Ontario. Personally, I think there’s better things we can do with our resources than offer gambling – especially in a community with such a high concentration of social assistance recipients who can’t afford to burn cash on slot machines. The city shouldn’t even offer that temptation. I understand the argument that it will provide a much-needed influx of jobs and dollars, but I’m sure there’s less controversial avenues to do that.


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