Robocalls and Berenstein Bears

February 29, 2012 at 10:32 am (News, Politics) (, , , , , , )

  • Bob Rae

    Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae has been on the attack for the last few days, arguing along with the NDP for an investigation in the robocall scandal, which Elizabeth May called worse than the sponsorship fiasco. But then Rae had to admit a Liberal staffer – who is no longer employed – was responsible for Vicileaks, a Twitter account that posted intimate details of cabinet minister Vic Toews’ messy divorce.
    Both the robocalls, which harassed voters and sent some to incorrect polling stations in more than 50 ridings in the last election, and Vicileaks are disgusting efforts to undermine the opposition. Nothing has been proven in the robocalls situation, though a Tory staffer has resigned over it. The governing MPs continue to maintain their innocence, noting the randomness of the ridings hit with the automated messages or fake party calls doesn’t point to the Conservative Party.
    I’m not claiming to have inside information or evidence against anyone, but one of the ridings allegedly hit with these calls is Prince George-Peace River. I just so happen to know the Conservative riding association president there (he’s my brother-in-law) and he’s pretty darn positive they had absolutely nothing to do with it.

  • Mitt Romney won both the Michigan and Arizona primaries yesterday, holding on to his front-runner position for the GOP nomination heading into Super Tuesday. Rick Santorum, who has run as a Libertarian in past elections, was close on his heels. Rob Paul and Newt Gingrich are both still in the running as well. Ten states will vote next on March 6.
  • I think we should all take a moment to honour Jan Berenstain, who passed away on Monday. The beloved author gave us the wonderful world of the Berenstain Bears, captivating children around the world. My sister was reading to my nephew the other day, the one where Brother learns to ride a bike, and I was reminded of how much I loved those stories.
  • Hey, it’s February 29. Enjoy the day, folks, it only comes around every four years. There’s apparently four million people who have something extra to celebrate – they finally get to have a party on the day of their birth.

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