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October 7, 2011 at 10:44 am (Election 2011, News, Politics) (, , )

I survived another voting day, the third in a year. As much as I love E-day, it’s a relief to know we won’t have to go through that again for about four years.

So, my predictions were pretty close to actual results.

Jim McDonell and his wife Margie

Jim McDonell won a landslide victory in Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry. I was a little surprised to see such overwhelming support for a Progressive Conservative in a riding that has been solidly Liberal for the last eight years, though I had no doubt he would be the next MPP.
Grit Mark MacDonald managed a second place finish over the NDP’s Elaine MacDonald. I’m not going to lie, I was taken aback to see the Green Party candidate and Libertarian take so many votes, especially since Green Justin Reist didn’t step foot in the riding at all during the campaign, and Neal Donnelly seemed to provoke laughter and disbelief with many of his anti-government comments.

I was exactly right with my seat projection for the Liberals: they won 53, just shy of a majority. The NDP picked up a few more seats for a total of 17, with the PCs taking 37.

I was also correct in my prediction that Grant Crack would keep Glengarry, Prescott, Russell for the Liberals.

The biggest disappointment for me was seeing voter turnout. It wasn’t horrible in this riding (52.1%), but across the province it dropped to a record low of 49.2%.

It was definitely a busy day, with a photo shoot and dance class sandwiched in between election coverage. I spent the evening watching results from the Ramada Inn, McDonell’s celebration headquarters, with half a dozen other reporters. The MPP-elect arrived with his wife and three children, cool and calm as usual. After being piped into the room in true Glengarry style, he gave a quick victory speech thanking supporters and promising to make a difference for the riding. MP Guy Lauzon, a couple of city councillors, family members, and several South Glengarry councillors and staff were there to show their support.

And now, it’s on to the business of governing.


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