Election day

October 6, 2011 at 10:05 am (Election 2011, News, Politics) (, , , , )

I’m one of those crazy people that gets an adrenaline rush from election day.

I love standing in line, voter card in hand. Making my mark for my favourite candidate. Watching election results roll in, and the reactions that follow. Democracy is a beautiful thing. I’ve said this before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again – we cannot take this privilege for granted. Voter turnout has declined since 1990, and it’s a depressing trend. Anyone who chooses not to vote, for whatever reason, should not feel they have a voice to complain about the government’s actions. If you don’t like what your elected official is doing, vote for someone else. Otherwise, shut up and deal with the consequences. Most of us are too busy to volunteer, protest, campaign, write letters or otherwise engage in social change, but we should never be too busy to vote. It’s a small action that could have a big difference.

Don’t tell me your vote doesn’t count. Casting your ballot means you’re a part of something bigger, a contributor to the future of Ontario.

Oh, election night is pretty stressful as well – we have an early deadline that provides only about half an hour to collect numbers and quotes before our paper is sent off to the press. It will still be a late night though, gathering information and writing stories for our website.

On to my predictions for today’s outcome.

Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry 

  • First: Jim McDonell, Progressive Conservatives
  • Second: Elaine MacDonald, NDP
  • Third: Mark MacDonald, Liberal
  • Fourth: Justin Reist, Green
  • Fifth: Neal Donnelly, Libertarian

Jim McDonell, Mark MacDonald, Elaine MacDonald

I think it will be a very close race for second place … to the point that I am reluctant to call it for either party. Elaine has run a great campaign; she is so articulate, open to new ideas and refrains from the mudslinging that many detest – but are there enough people who will support the NDP? Either way, I’m convinced Jim will be our next MPP. He’ll have no trouble taking Dundas, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see most of South Glengarry support their mayor as well.

Glengarry, Prescott, Russell

  • First: Grant Crack, Liberal
  • Second: Marilissa Gosselin, Progressive Conservative
  • Third: Bonnie Jean-Louis, NDP
  • Fourth: Taylor Howarth, Green

The riding also has candidates for the Libertarians and the Freedom Party, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be bringing up the rear. I think this race will be a tight one – it’s not one I’ve followed as closely as I probably should have though. Marilissa has been campaigning for nearly a year, is fluently bilingual, and has a husband who works for the federal Conservative Party. However, the riding has been held by the Grits since 1999, thanks to Jean-Marc Lalonde, and I’m not sure it will go blue too easily. So I’m giving this one to North Glengarry’s mayor.


  • Liberals – 53 seats
  • Progressive Conservatives – 34 seats
  • NDP – 20 seats

I’m pretty sure the Liberals have this one, so the big question is if they’ll squeeze out a majority or be left with a minority government. I think the NDP will pick up support, in part because of voters disillusioned with McGuinty promises, in part from the federal party’s success in May.

But what do I know? It’s all up to you, Ontario.


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