West coast vacation

September 19, 2011 at 2:34 pm (Photos, Travel)

I’m in British Columbia. On vacation. Hanging with my sister Karen, my brother, his wife, their 1.5-year-old son Silas, and their yet-to-be-born second child. It’s good times.

So far, we’ve trekked over to Vancouver Island for a jaunt around Victoria and surrounding areas, visited the Greater Vancouver Zoo, renovated an office, wandered through Fort Langley, painted pottery, shopped, and walked around the neighbourhood of Walnut Grove. I also ventured out on my own to catch up with a few dear friends who now call this city their home. Here’s some photos of my adventures in the last week.

Silas at Crescent Beach

Yeah.... the ferry ride was windy.

The siblings

Statue of Queen Victoria outside the provincial legislature

Side note: I am pretty sure visiting all of the provincial and territorial legislatures should be on my bucket list. Three down (PEI, Northwest Territories and BC), ten to go.

A giraffe at the zoo

A peregrine falcon - the fastest animal on earth.

This is the epic cake Shannon and I made for Karen's 18th birthday.

Silas and his sweet hairdo.

I seriously love Vancouver. The mountains, the ocean, the city lights … so much diversity, so much beautiful scenery, so much still to explore. I think that I could probably live here quite happily.



  1. Sean said,

    I was just through Vancouver! Let me know if you’re heading up the Sunshine Coast way, and I’ll play tour guide!

  2. Cheryl said,

    Ah, as if I missed you! Next time I’m in BC I’ll have to head further north – it would be great to see you and more of the province.

  3. Michelle said,

    Slightly jealous that you are hanging in my old hood of Walnut Grove. Glad you are enjoying a vacation! Great pics!

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