Five in the race

September 2, 2011 at 3:10 pm (Election 2011, News, Politics)

First of all, I am well aware of how terrible I am at blogging on a consistent basis. I think it’s something I just have to come to terms with.

Secondly, here’s an update on the provincial election, since I’m sure you’re all as riveted to the ongoing developments as I am.

The leaders’ debate – that’s singular, they’re only having one – will be held on Sept. 27, just days before the vote on Oct. 2. It looks like the Green Party leader might get a seat at the table this time. The writ officially drops on Wednesday, though a majority of candidates have already begun their campaign.

We now have a slate of five in SD&SG. The Green Party is running a student from Ottawa, who says he hopes to come to the riding once or twice during the campaign. Also joining the MPPs hopefuls is Darcy Neal Donnelly, who is once again running as a Libertarian; he came in last in the federal election.

The Progressive Conservatives here have run into a little trouble, with someone hacking their phone lines and making prank calls to supporters. I’ve heard of sign vandalism, but nothing like this. They had Senator Bob Runciman down for Jim McDonell’s launch.
The Liberals invited infrastructure minister Bob Chiarelli to their office ribbon cutting, while the local NDPers paid tribute to Jack Layton before saluting candidate Elaine MacDonald at their opening.

Locally, the first debate is on Sept. 7 at the Legion. I’m still trying to track down details on other events, but it looks like several of the counties will host the candidates as well. The Agape Centre, along with other groups, has also organized an hour-long discussion on poverty on Sept. 15.

I put together a timeline of events and stories here in Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry, which you can follow for updates and news from the Standard-Freeholder. I’m apparently unable to embed it on this page – or just way more computer illiterate than I’d like to think – so you’ll have to go here to check it out.



  1. Cornwall Freenews said,

    Cheryl you left out the first All Candidates debate which is available on The Cornwall Free News and You Tube.

  2. Cheryl said,

    The writ dropped on Sept. 7, which officially launched the campaign. Therefore, the Sept. 7 debate is the first of the campaign.

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