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August 23, 2011 at 3:57 pm (News, Politics) (, )

Maybe you’re tired of all the Jack Layton coverage already. Or maybe you’re like me and still clicking on nearly every link that promises a story or photo related to the NDP leader’s life and death. If so, this post is for you.

I collected a few of the many comments and tributes that caught my eye. Enjoy!

  • Here’s Andre Coyne‘s take on who Layton really was: On the passing of a politician
    If we knew Jack Layton it was as this: a politician. And if we really knew Jack Layton—if that’s really possible—it’s because the politician we knew wasn’t any different from the person he was. Not only that he believed in this stuff, but that he lived this stuff. He was a politician. And if he is remembered for any overarching idea, perhaps it will be for all the good that can represent.”
  • Local provincial NDP candidate Elaine MacDonald wrote about some memories of “Jack” on her blog. Other local politicians offered their thoughts on the man’s passing.
  • Here’s Kady O’Malley‘s coverage of the spontaneous Hill vigils: The precinct mourns one of its own
    “That sense of surreality – that something was terribly not right in the precinct, and yet, paradoxically, also perfectly right, as far as the response – strengthened as I got closer to the Hill, where a crowd was gathering under the watchful eyes and hyperpresent lenses of the journalists and cameras that had assembled in anticipation of its arrival.”
  • Christie Blatchford wrote a controversial column about the “public spectacle” of Layton’s death. While I could agree with a few points, I think it was seriously insensitive to publish the piece mere hours after the fact. Here’s a couple of reactions, from Emmett Macfarlane (against) and Jonathan Kay (for).
  • Here’s the Toronto Star’s editorial on the enormity of Layton’s contributions.
    How bitterly ironic that Layton’s brightest political moment was eclipsed so quickly by illness.” 
  • Here’s a piece on the hopeful message he left behind for those still struggling with cancer, the disease that took his life.
  • The Globe and Mail’s front page was simply awesome this morning. See it here.
  • And, here’s an Ottawa Citizen column on the huge blow to the New Democratic Party.
    “Indeed, beyond the loss of a compassionate social democrat, who was a tribune of the underclass and enriched our public life — for which all Canada should grieve today — his passing may turn out to be a watershed in national politics.”

MPs from all stripes are offering books of condolences at their offices for residents to sign; our own Conservative Guy Lauzon is one of them. There will be a state funeral for Layton in Toronto on Saturday, but Canadians can also pay their respects at the provincial capital’s city hall or on Parliament Hill this week. Interim NDP leader Nycole Turmel pledged to stay in her position until a leadership convention next year.


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  1. Doug James said,

    What are the chance’s the local “Coffee Break” man will write
    a decent column on the passing of Mr Layton. 50-50 claims NYC friend of mine.

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