This week in Cornwall

August 19, 2011 at 10:08 am (News) (, )

Whew. It’s been a busy week. Here’s a quick recap of the goings-on in the lovely City of Cornwall:

I joined a dragonboat team for Waterfest last weekend. It was fun to participate in an event like that for a change, rather than cover it for the paper. Our group did pretty terribly, but we had a good time anyway and it was nice to hear the cheers from people who came out to watch. This coming weekend will be another busy one for the city, with the annual triathlon/duathlon hitting the streets (many of which will be closed, so be aware if you’re heading downtown on Sunday).

This week I had the very great honour of interviewing Steve Smith, also known as Red Green. I remember watching his show on a regular basis as a kid, so it was pretty cool to chat with him about his more recent projects. He’ll be stopping in Cornwall in October during his comedy tour across North America.

The city’s planning advisory committee met Monday, approving the creation of an organic food store on Vincent Massey Drive and discussing a new report on the downtown area. The Streetscape study, done by two Queen’s students, suggested some more cohesion is necessary between Le Village, downtown and the waterfront. Some of their priorities are easy fixes, though of course everything costs money. Apparently a similar study was done a few years ago, but judging from a comment from one of the councillors, not much was actually implemented. Let’s hope this report doesn’t just gather dust.

City council called a special meeting on Thursday, and agreed to allow the Cornwall Farmer’s Market to operate a couple of trial runs on Fridays. They’re hoping to attract more of the downtown workers to the site with the additional hours, and, depending on reaction, they might instate the Friday markets on a permanent basis next year.
The next council meeting is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 12.

Residents can expect to see firefighters at their door next month, as they carry out a smoke alarm blitz. Also covered this week were the growing demand for child care and the increase in building activity so far this year.

I realize this post looks like a lot of shameless self-promotion, but in all honesty, I’m hoping to make this blog a one-stop shop for City of Cornwall news and randomness. Let me know what you’d like to see and I’ll do my best to oblige. Happy Friday, everyone!


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  1. Doug James said,

    We have a long way to go to turn this city around.
    A friend recently came to visit and was shocked to see the end of the Seaway International Bridge and felt it looked like a third world country. Huge cement blocks, the sad looking setup of the customs office, didn’t impress.

    Later we took a drive thru Pitt & Second which was the center of action the good old days…now its torn down restaurant one side, and underdelveloped condo complex cross the street followed by empty stores.

    Turning right we hit Second&Brookdale and two huge empty spaces that used to house some of the cities best jobs. Domtar and CIL yards are now overgrown and empty. Where will our kids find the kind of jobs that will keep them in this town

    We turn right again only to find Brookdale Avenue blocked by the same huge Cement slabs at the end of the bridge and instead of going around the beautiful traffic circle we end up in a detour around the “mess at the base of the Bridge”

    Can the new low level bridge come soon enough???

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