City council – Aug. 8

August 9, 2011 at 11:33 am (News, Politics) (, )

It was a packed house at city council last night, with an arts/culture committee and an e-bike bylaw on the agenda. Both were approved after some discussion, and you can read details here and here. Councillors also decided to consider erecting a traffic light at the corner of McConnell Avenue and South Branch Road – welcome news for residents who have witnessed dozens of collisions at the intersection over the years.

I’ve covered many council meetings in several townships in my short journalism career, but this was my first in Cornwall’s chambers. Other than my computer dying and then loudly restarting in the middle of discussions, it was a pretty smooth experience. It was neat to see so many residents show up in person for verdicts on issues they care about. A few members of Cornwall’s Pride community were in attendance, cheering after council agreed to fly their flag during “pride week” next month.

Here’s a few other details from the meeting:

  • Council accepted a revamped plan by Genivar to widen Marleau Avenue. It’s a proposal spanning 10 years that will see the road expand to four lanes, including sidewalks and bike lanes. Infrastructure manager Norm Levac said certain parts of the plan are high on the city’s priority list, with some sections already “construction ready”. He said next year’s budget should include details on how to move ahead.  Coun. Elaine MacDonald asked if a barrier between the bike lanes and the road will be included; Levac said it’s something to consider, but it could pose challenges with drainage and snow removal.
  • A few new hires were approved on Monday, including a waste water treatment plant technician, a infrastructure technologist, and a building inspector. Though staff always try to fill vacancies as soon as possible, council gets the final say on new employees.

You can find the entire agenda for the meeting here. If there’s anything you’d like to see more coverage on in the future, either here or in the pages of the paper, let me know!



  1. Doug James said,

    What you will find as a City Hall reporter is….
    Anytime more than 40 people show up at the meeting…
    they can swing public policy as the elected feel if you
    got off your couch this must be important..even if it isn’t!

    It’s like our “War” in Afganistan nobody is paying attention
    as our failed policy costs the lives of Brave Canadian Soldiers!

    Watch HBO they have a documentary on women being sent to
    prison for things Canadians do every day.
    doug James

  2. Doug James said,

    Standard Freeholder Editor Mac In Tosh takes cheap shot
    at deceased news editor of the paper- calling him weak-kneed-
    in article about George Samis.
    This from a man who used to allow MP Ed Lumley to take over the
    news office during frequent saturday visits.At least he was
    “kind” enough not to use the man’s name
    doug James

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