The 41st Parliament

June 6, 2011 at 9:59 am (News, Politics)

The first couple of weeks post-election are nearly as much as fun as the election itself. Throne Speech, swearing-in ceremonies, a new budget. It’s good to see our government getting back to work, though I hope it will be with a little more civility and productivity than the last one.

Dozens of brand new MPs took their seats in the House of Commons for the first time last Thursday, as Parliament began its 41st session. First order of business: electing a Speaker. Last session’s deputy Andrew Scheer won the honour, beating out the only Opposition candidate on the sixth ballot to become the youngest Speaker ever.

The Throne Speech was presented on Friday by Governor General David Johnston, including promises to stay the course on the economy, crime and care for families. It mentioned new trade agreements and help for Aboriginal communities. The speech also laid out Senate reform, reallocating seats in the House and removing subsidies for political parties as priorities. All of these measures have been discussed at length before, but with a majority government, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is in a new position of actually being able to do it all. You can read the whole thing here:

View this document on Scribd

Today, the Conservatives – or more specifically Finance Minister Jim Flaherty – will table the budget. It’s expected to vary only slightly from the version they introduced last session, just before the election was called.

Our local connection to Parliament Hill, MP Guy Lauzon, is continuing in his role as Conservative caucus chair. Neighbouring MP Pierre Lemieux has been given the position of parliamentary secretary for agriculture for the second time.


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