Election 41: day 37

May 2, 2011 at 8:31 am (Election 2011, Politics)

The campaign is over. It’s voting day.

There’s been the usual slew of complaints about voter apathy again this time around, but I think turnout is going to be higher than the last couple of elections. Especially if the advance polling was any indication.

Even those who don’t normally get out to their ballot station must have seen some footage of Egypt, or Libya, or Yemen, or one of the other countries fighting for democratic rights. So many people around the world are wiling to die for the chance to cast their vote, to have a voice, to be a part of change in their country.

I think that awareness is creating a new appreciation for the freedom we have in Canada, the ability to vote, the option of electing officials to represent us in government. I hope we’ll see a flood at the polls. I hope people won’t complain when they have to wait a few minutes before making their choice … it’s nothing compared to the hours or days some in Africa and the Middle East had to endure before casting a ballot.

So, get out there! Vote! Be a part of the process.

And if you have any predictions on the results, leave ’em in the comments below. Will it be another Conservative minority? Will the hype over Jack Layton vault the NDP to the status of Official Opposition?


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