Election 41, day 13

April 7, 2011 at 7:27 am (Election 2011, News, Politics)

This post is about two weeks overdue. Sorry, kids, life happens.

So we are now in the thick of a federal election campaign. Policy announcements, rallies, minor gaffes, door-knocking and all the rest. I kind of love it.

Here in Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry, we have four options:

  • Incumbent Guy Lauzon, who was first elected as our Conservative MP seven years ago.
  • Liberal Bernadette Clement, who is currently on leave from her second term on city council.
  • Mario Leclerc is running for the NDP.
  • Wyatt Walsh is the Green Party’s candidate here. His leader, Elizabeth May herself, will be shaking hands in Cornwall tomorrow during a “whistle stop tour”.

Probably the biggest issue in this riding – and across the country – is the economy. Though Cornwall has a decent unemployment rate at the moment, nearly 400 people will be out of work in July, in addition to 125 laid off when Satisfied Brake shut down. This region is worried about jobs, for good reason.

Seniors are also playing a major role in this campaign. Both here and at the national level, candidates are talking about pensions, health care and other supports for the elderly generation and those who care for them. Rightfully so.

But I’m worried the youth voice won’t be heard. Other than the Facebook creeping issue, I haven’t heard much so far that addressed topics young people are passionate about. My demographic often gets lost in a federal campaign, and it’s probably only fair since so few of us actually take the time to get involved and vote. I hope that changes. It’s kind of a vicious circle, but the more these politicians engage teenagers and young adults, the more likely they are to express their views at the ballot box … or so I’d like to think.

But as usual, Rick Mercer says it better.

I’m planning to make more time to comment on the campaign issues and platform roll-outs, both here and at the national level, possibly on a daily basis … so stay tuned!


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