Love Wins

March 8, 2011 at 8:13 am (News, Rants)

I’m a Rob Bell fan. I have been since Velvet Elvis and the Nooma series. Then I discovered the Mars Hill podcast. Rob Bell is a great teacher – even if he is a bit of a nerd. He’s never shied away from the controversial questions, and his latest work is no exception.

His new book, Love Wins, will be released on March 15. But it’s already created two camps of those for and against. In this latest work, Rob is asking questions about heaven and hell and what kind of God we believe in. Does God send people to hell? That’s the premise, as I understand it so far. Yeah, I can see people freaking out about it. I plan to read the book with a healthy dose of skepticism.

But I’m frustrated by the intense division even the suggestion is causing. Shouldn’t we be able to have these questions? Aren’t we supposed to test and figure things out? Isn’t God big enough to handle our uncertainty?  And since the book has not even hit shelves yet, isn’t it a little early to be calling Rob a heretic or other things? Can we, please, read through the pages and then come to our own conclusions?

Yes, I’m a fan. But I wouldn’t follow Rob over a cliff. I’m not saying his opinions are correct – I’m saying I’m not entirely sure what his ideas are yet. In the meantime, I’m going to keep listening to Mars Hill podcasts.

Here’s the trailer for the book. Watch it and let me know what you think.

Even if he has lost it, we should take a lesson from the book’s title and let love be the order of the day. Really, it’s what we should be known for anyway.



  1. Rachel said,

    I’m curious about what he thinks, I must say. When I was in Uganda, the women’s Bible study there went through The Shack, and I found it very interesting. I thought the beliefs in that book were deeply wrong in certain areas, but some of the perspectives were very refreshing, too. I wonder if this book will be the same…

  2. Barry Russell said,

    Hey Cher, I agree with ya on this. I would not follow Rob over a cliff either. We all have the witness of the Holy Spirit to lead us as long as we are willing to be led. The “camps” are so over reacting, Rob has merely only asked questions… when we are encouraged to stop questioning we are heading down a very slippery slope. Nice post on a very controversial topic. My copy of “Love Wins” is already preordered!!

  3. Heather Melcer said,

    I have to say that I both agree and disagree with you. I absolutely agree that we shouldn’t be calling Rob Bell a heretic based on the promos that we have seen for his book. I am pretty much the furthest thing from a Rob Bell fan, but I still think the promo video isn’t enough to shun him.

    I think it’s actually really great that the Christian community has gone up in arms about this. Rob Bell is such an influential leader that it’s important that people are made aware of the consequences his book could have if it goes towards the non-existence of Hell. The controversy should be starting now. Yes, no clear judgment should be passed as of yet, but this is definitely the time we should be talking about the issues, not only after the book comes out.

    I also don’t believe that if someone errs in one aspect of doctrine that you should chalk them up as useless and never listen to another word that comes out of their mouths, BUT Hell is a very key issue in the Bible. The very denial of a Hell is calling Jesus a liar, and to be honest, if it turns out that this is the direction Rob Bell is heading, I would turn and run.

    • Cheryl said,

      Good points, Heather. I’m totally with you that these are topics that are should be discussed and there should be huge response to such a controversial issue. We’ll have to chat again once we’ve both read the book. :)
      PS. Sorry it took me so long to approve your comment, I hadn’t checked my blog in a while. :P

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