The Crazies

March 2, 2011 at 11:31 am (Entertainment, News, Rants) (, , , )

There’s a whole lot of crazy people in the world. There are three that have been in the news especially as of late.

  • Muammar Gaddafi. As his people protest his dictatorship and call for reform, the Libyan leader blames his problems on al-Qaeda and thinks the revolters are stoned. His incoherent ravings prove to me that he has lost it. Maybe it’s the new pressures from his population that have pushed him over the edge, or maybe he’s always been a little out of it. Either way, he’s definitely crazy. And he needs to resign. He needs to get out of the way so his country can back away from the edge of civil war and move towards democracy.
    Related note: it is super irritating that nearly every media outlet has decided to spell his name a different way: Qathafi, Gadhafi, Khadafi, etc. There must be a right way, right?
  • Charlie Sheen. I don’t usually wade into entertainment news, but this guy is quite the exception. All those years of substance abuse has definitely messed up his brain. I don’t understand the fans who are more devoted than ever, to a guy who brags about his porn star friends and asks for a raise after insulting his boss. Yeah, what a role model. I’m glad CBS finally suspended down his TV series – no matter how popular it is, there’s a point where having that kind of actor on your set is no longer an asset. I’m not saying I think he’s a terrible person, I just think his judgement has been seriously clouded; his rants are pretty clear proof. I assume those cocaine binges had something to do with it.
    Related note: I love his dad, Martin Sheen. He was the best president the U.S. never had.
  • Julian Assange. I’m not putting the WikiLeaks founder in the same category as either Gaddafi or Sheen. But the other day he ranted that the blame for his troubles lies on the shoulders of Jewish journalists. This isn’t to say he’s lost it, but he has some pretty serious issues he needs to deal with. For one thing, he thinks he’s a journalist himself – not so. He needs to face justice, whether or not he’s guilty of sexual assault in Sweden as accused. I would actually have some respect for him if he stopped playing the victim in everything that has happened … it’s just not attractive, Julian.

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