Aiming for 10

February 8, 2011 at 10:43 am (Sports and fitness)

I went running last night.

It’s been a while. I’m sore this morning.

But, as always, it felt fantastic. I was pumped when I remembered the indoor running track that circles Cornwall’s main arena – no gym fees, no risk of slipping on ice. There’s even a helpful note: six laps = one mile. I think I did 13 laps … don’t judge, I’m just starting out again. This will hopefully become a regular activity.

Training has begun. I’m determined to run 10 kilometres during Ottawa Race Weekend in May. And another 10K in September for Terry Fox. It’s no Iron Man, but I need to keep myself motivated all year long. My ultimate fitness goal of running a marathon is still very much alive.

I’m open to any helpful tips, and anyone who wants to join me . . .



  1. andrewbpaterson said,

    That’s awesome, Cheryl!!! Running events have an unbelievable atmosphere…good job goal-setting with races, it’s a good motivator when you see the number of training weeks left until race day get smaller and smaller!! Hopefully, running efficiency is getting better and better at the same time!!

    tips = be consistent, don’t over-train (do 2-3 runs a week, unless you’re used to a lot of physical activity), take a day off if your body’s telling you to, do 1 long slow run/wk and increase the distance by a Km every week…I have many more!!!

  2. Sarah said,

    My dear Cheryl,
    Wow, you inspire me. I am honestly living my life vicariously through you! God has created you to be such a unique being.. You are amazing! I have noticed over your past recent posts you and I share a lot of passions/desires, and I think I am starting to live through you, but I want to not only be as ambitious as you, but also, I want to follow through with those desires, as you are and my current one is running! I wish I could train for a marathon with you! I have never really “ran ” before, but I am determined to start and I wish we were still room-mates because I would hold you accountable and you would keep me motivated!! My feet will be hitting pavement as soon as i can see it, and I will train with you from afar… I may only start in April though! I wish i had that 6 laps=1km sign here….oh the little things of Cornwall we miss! My tip for your running is to stay hydrated, and enjoy letting the air fill your lungs…ahhhhhhhhhh amazing! Love ya,
    P.S. I am super happy that you are a Big sister! i am sure Karen can agree that anyone would be so very fortunate to have such a special sister!
    Keep on letting your light shine!

    • Cheryl said,

      Wow, just realized I never responded to this … my bad. Thanks for your encouraging words, Sarah, they are appreciated. I hope your running is going well so far … keep me updated and I’ll do the same for you. :)
      I hope life is good for you …. how are your girls? Are you still enjoying life in the far north of Alberta? haha
      Miss ya!

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