A Little Sister

January 13, 2011 at 11:15 am (Random)

Yesterday I chose a Little Sister. I’m stoked.

After going through a lengthy process that included filling out applications, orientation, interviews and background checks, I was given three files and a corner desk to look them over. I read about family histories, likes and dislikes, school experiences, health problems and future goals.

Though every child on the Big Brother Big Sister waiting list is worthy, I’m sure, it was the last file I read that captured my heart.

A nine-year-old named Bethanie.

She’s been on a waiting list for three years; her mother has called the organization often to ask if a Big had been found for her only child. The girl is shy, but slowly coming out of her shell thanks to group activities at the agency. 

My caseworker will be setting up an introductory meeting sometime next week I think. I’m ridiculously excited to meet Bethanie and begin our friendship; I’ve already come up with plenty of ideas of things we can do together. I really appreciate the process BBBS requires, as it allows volunteers to be partnered with children who have similar interests – in this case, outdoor activities, arts and crafts, writing.

Have I mentioned I’m completely thrilled?



  1. andrewbpaterson said,

    SO PUMPED!!!!
    This is so admirable, Cheryl. More people should be doing this…

  2. Ashley said,

    I’m so happy for you! I looked into getting involved with BBBS also but, I can’t say for sure how long I’ll be here and that’s one of the application questions… :) Happy for you!

  3. Rachel said,

    Yay! That’s pretty exciting! I assume the name is not this girl’s real name, though, right? Or are you allowed to post that? I’d love to talk to you about the process sometime.

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