I heart journalism

December 9, 2010 at 10:22 pm (Random)

Today I went to Algonquin College. It’s my alma mater, so I was invited to go back and be a part of a panel for “career day”. Basically, a few of us Gonq grads talked about what we do for a living, what skills we use, and how students can prepare for the real world.

Now, I know Algonquin is not perfect. But I walked out of those doors on the last day of classes knowing how to be a reporter. When I walked back into those doors today, however, I realized how much I’ve changed. I was reminiscing with my favourite prof, and we were both amazed at how fast three and a half years have gone by.

I interned in the Northwest Territories and won an award for a front-page photo of a dog sled race.
I spent two years working for a group of weekly community papers, honing my slotting and pagination skills and taking on new responsibilities for editing. I covered the mayor’s criminal trial and sat in on city hall meetings.

Now, I’m at a daily. I have no control over how the paper looks when it’s published and sometimes we’re working against deadlines, but I feel like I’ve really been able to craft my stories. Especially big features that I’ve taken on – I’ve given myself time to edit and rework my stuff, challenging myself to be a better, more eloquent, more precise writer. I’ve also learned how to use social media, monitor our website and shoot video. I’m the arts and entertainment reporter – a job I never thought would really interest me – and I love it.

I’ve grown so much as a journalist. I’ve learned so much. I’ve been blessed with fantastic managing editors. And talking to those students today, I realized it all over again. (Though not going to lie, it was slightly depressing to hear that both of the other panelists for my section make nearly twice as much as I do.)

Since before my internship even started in my second year of college, I have never been in want of a newspaper job. I’m doing exactly what I want to do. Life isn’t perfect, but today was a good reminder that I absolutely love what I do. And I’m thankful I can do it.



  1. Dave Wood said,

    It’s funny how a relatively small amount of time brings such clarity and objectiveness to our lives. Don’t sweat the money Cheryl. To be where God wants you is worth far more. I’ve lived in plenty and in want and have been happy in both, (and miserable in both at times, lol).
    God keep you and guide you as your destiny unfolds. I have a feeling that the end product will be much more than the sum of the parts, (and I gotta say, the parts are doing pretty darn good).

  2. blair said,

    Nail that, you’re rocking.
    Editing, slotting and pagination are just prisms.
    P.S. Not many journalists land a job on a daily. Not too shabby Cheryl.

  3. andrewbpaterson said,


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