December 1, 2010 at 9:04 am (News, Politics, Random) (, )

Wow. It’s December. I’m a little upset that there is no snow on the ground, so I guess this stuff falling on my blog will have to do.

Today is significant because  . . .

  • This means I have been back in Canada for five months already. Time flies! I am nearly finished an album of my year in Colombia, which is great except every time I work on it I want to jump through the photos and be back at Ekklesia.
  • The release of documents by WikiLeaks continues, as do the calls for the head of Julian Assange, the group’s founder. 
  • Dec. 1 is the birthday of my oldest friend. I met Sarah when I was probably four years old, and we are still in touch.
  • Today is a big day for two men in particular who will be sworn in as first-time Cornwall city councillors. Mayor Bob Kilger and the rest of the elected council members will also be inaugurated tonight. And the four-year term begins.
    I’m looking forward to it – this is the first time that I, as a reporter and resident, feel like I am aware of the issues and expectations, have a working relationship with most of the councillors, and generally understand the whole process. Municipal politics is definitely growing on me.
  • There are 24 days left until Christmas. I am stoked to celebrate the holiday at home this year, with family. I will be able to hang out with my newest nephew, who will be four months old by the time I hold him for the first time.

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  1. Kristy-Ann said,

    You forgot that there are nine days left until my birthday.. ;)

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