Election Day

October 25, 2010 at 7:53 am (News, Politics)

Ah, election day! There’s a charge in the air and a purpose in my step. Democracy is at work today.

While the entire campaign of debates and speeches and campaigning can be tedious to cover, I rather enjoy reporting on election day. I have followed many of the candidates for Cornwall City Council since they filed their paperwork, so it will be interesting to see who was able to get their message out.

I won’t be covering Cornwall results though. I’ll be out in South Dundas this evening, reporting on their five-way race for mayor. Our staff will be spread all over the SD&G region, we’ll have results and in-depth coverage up on www.standard-freeholder.com. If, by some chance, I have an internet connection tonight I’ll be doing my best to blog and write as everything happens.

It’s not just Cornwall and area that I’m following today though.
Four years ago I was in Ottawa, reporting on the municipal election there when Larry O’Brien was given the mayor’s job. I will definitely be interested to see who is elected in the capital – especially my old stomping grounds of Kanata and Nepean – though it looks like Jim Watson is the clear front-runner for the top spot.

So readers, any predictions? What do you love/hate about election day?


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