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October 20, 2010 at 11:25 am (News, Random) ()

I sat in on a trial for a couple of hours yesterday, and I’m filling in for our regular court reporter on Thursday and Friday. It’s pretty interesting stuff, though of course also disturbing: the guy has already admitted he killed his grandfather with an axe. The question is now, will he be convicted of manslaughter or first-degree murder. Not exactly the stuff of daydreams.

However, I’d much rather be writing about this trial than that of Col. Russell Williams’. I’m thankful I’ve mostly managed to avoid seeing photographs from the trial, though I have read a few detailed articles and am currently following a liveblog of the trial today (which includes video of his initial confession). It’s incredible how a high-ranking official who earned the trust and respect of so many was able to live a completely twisted double life. I’m glad he decided to tell all, rather than dragging his family and community through a long court case – though this one was still extremely revealing and emotional. While I am completely disgusted with his behaviour, I still see his humanity in it all.

I don’t want to cover court all the time – I think I would either not be able to handle it or become desensitized to it all. Neither is an option I’m okay with. But for a day or two, it’s a good journalistic challenge and interesting experience. And the other upside: watching justice in action.


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  1. andrewbpaterson said,

    sounds like a pretty sweet experience…

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