Elvis Stojko, check

October 14, 2010 at 7:34 pm (To do before I die)

60. Meet Kurt Browning or Elvis Stojko

I love these guys. I grew up watching them compete. I was glued to Skate Canada competitions; my loyalty switched back and forth as they fought for the quad and back flips. I rooted for Elvis as he skated through an injury to win silver at the Olympics. I had a crush on Kurt for like a year.

Today I interviewed Elvis Stojko. It was pretty awesome. No, I didn’t scream and fall all over myself (unlike a couple of the girls there); I remained calm and asked a few questions. He was in town to announce Rock the Ice, a new skating show that will hit Cornwall next January. Um, yes, I am there.

Oh, one of the performers is his wife. Elvis got married in Vegas a couple of months ago to a Mexican figure skating champ. And did you know he has a CD? He actually sang for us today … and it wasn’t half bad.

He skated around for us photographers after the press conference, then chatted with the local skate club coaches for a while. He was super down to earth and personable, really easy to talk to. He didn’t seem at all annoyed when asked to pose for tons of photos and sign random things. I broke down and got another reporter to take a photo of us, but it turned out super blurry. Apparently my camera has issues … or the journalist didn’t know how to use a D50.

Oh well. I was stoked. Best assignment ever.



  1. Shannon said,

    soooo cool. I wish I were a journalist….

  2. Christine K said,

    … and jealousy reigns… :P Lucky gal. Abby and I almost met him once… but only almost. So cool that you could though! You’ll have to tell me all about it :)

  3. Abby said,

    Yup I’m SUPER jealous right now.. but yea super happy for you of course, crazyness… interview, pics and all the rest!!!!!!! :D Ya I’d love to hear all about it sometime and see the pics of course! :)
    Essy’s jealous too.

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