The Phoenix

October 12, 2010 at 10:25 pm (News)

I’m currently watching live coverage of the rescue of the Chilean miners, who have been trapped in a collapsed mine for 69 days. It’s just a feed from the mine site, but it’s gripping stuff.

The first rescuer has just been lowered down. He will check out the tunnel and then help the miners get strapped into the capsule, called the Phoenix. A medic will also be sent down to do a final review of the men’s conditions. As they rise to the surface, they will be monitored and communicated with to ensure they stay safe and calm throughout the journey.

The president of Chile is on site, along with family members and medical staff. This is a huge moment for the entire country. I know I wrote about this earlier, but this story is simply too incredible. I also loving here bits and pieces of Spanish in it all.

UPDATE: The first rescuer made it down and is greeted by the miners. This footage is incredible, and it’s exactly the same thing everyone at Camp Hope is viewing. Can you say documentary? Film deals? This is one of those history-making moments you don’t easily forget. As the commentators are saying, it took 17 days for anyone to realize they were even alive. And they survived, working together: “los treinta y tres” (the 33). The leader of the group has insisted he is rescued last, to ensure everyone makes it out safely first.

UPDATE: Florencia Avalos is the first miner to emerge. Emotional reunions with his family … a big hug from the president. He looks normal, strong – not like someone who just spent more than two months in a hot, cramped mine shaft. Cheers all around, obviously. Amazing! I wish I was there, to cover it, to be a part of it. What a phenomenal story of the strength of human will and cooperation. I am inspired.


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