Chileans pulled from mine

October 12, 2010 at 8:14 am (News)

After an incredible ordeal of being trapped under the earth for 68 days, 33 miners in Chile will be pulled from their underground home today. They started the rescues early this morning after finally finishing drilling a hole down to where they were trapped after a collapse in the mine.

I can’t imagine spending that much time away from sunlight. Brutal! I think the reason they survived was that officials and engineers were able to open a channel down to them quickly, and let them know help was on the way. They were able to communicate with their families and be assured many different methods were being used to reach them. To put it bluntly: they had hope. And they worked together to last this long.

Now, as they all rise to the surface, they face a very different life. There are reports of thousands of dollars in offers, for interviews, commercials and book deals. There is no question that these guys will continue to be in the media spotlight for a while, with good reason. Except now they can really experience the attention.



  1. andrewbpaterson said,

    This is amazing!
    I can’t wait to read a first-hand account from one of these guys.

  2. Cheryl said,

    Whoops, I said the rescue started this morning but they will actually begin hoisting them out starting at midnight tonight. So by tomorrow they should all be above ground.

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