Happy birthday to me

September 25, 2010 at 5:52 pm (Random)

Today is my birthday. Despite the feeling that I’m getting old (I’ve lived more than a quarter of my life already! Acck!), I generally enjoy birthdays. Cake, presents, what’s not to like? I have to work all weekend, but shooting cute men in uniform reenacting of the War of 1812 is hardly work. Five p.m. has come and gone and I am now sitting at my parents’ house smelling turkey and apple crisp.

I have a car. I have an apartment. I have a sweet job. I just bought an old-school Nikon today with a couple of really nice lenses. I have incredible friends, though most are much too far away for my liking. My family is awesome. Jesus loves me. I am ridiculously blessed.

Oh, I also know I’m growing older because I was really excited about getting a rice cooker as a gift.

Happy birthday to me.


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