UPDATE: Long-gun registry

September 22, 2010 at 6:22 pm (News, Politics)

The motion passed … 153 to 151 (305 current members; Speaker only votes to break a tie). Bill C-391 has died. The long-gun registry will remain. I know I said I didn’t really care, but in all honesty I wanted the registry scrapped. I don’t think it’s doing enough good to warrant its existence. It’s easy to get caught up in the tear-jerker stories of those killed by long guns, but in probably all cases the registry wouldn’t have changed the outcome. Gun owners still have to register and go through a process when purchasing – that won’t change.

Well, Prime Minister Stephen Harper won either way, I guess. This is something else he can make a divisive election issue. And I was so hoping this vote would be the end of it.

Over to you – are you happy with the vote or do you think the registry should be done away with?


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  1. Dave Wood said,

    I’ve never felt the long gun registry played any great role except in offering a placebo to those who were crying for tighter gun controls, usually with very compelling, but anecdotal, stories of loss of loved ones attached.
    The reality is that legally possessing a firearm in ontario already requires a whole lot of registration of permits and licenses, taking of courses and the payment of significant dollars. The people who obey the law are already doing this.
    Another reality is that people who use firearms in the commission of a crime don’t use licensed firearms, (at least licensed to them), and the argument that suicide prevention can somehow be enhanced with this registry is very bizarre when you stop to think about it. The registry is nothing more than a political smoke and mirror tactic to deal with people who don’t like and will never own or use, a gun but are afraid of those who do.
    IF the registry was legitimately doing something positive and was being run effectively and within reasonable costs, I would be a supporter. Alas it has failed miserably in all three of these.

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