Going hungry

September 14, 2010 at 11:53 am (News, Rants)

An improving economy and lower food prices have helped the number of hungry people in the world to drop below one billion. It’s the first time in 15 years the number has decreased. It’s a good sign, especially with all the disasters in the last year – earthquakes, floods, hurricanes. However, having a billion famished people in the world is far, far too many. Most of them are in Africa and Asia.

There are nearly seven billion humans on this planet; how can almost a seventh of them be malnourished? We need to do better.

I guess this is why things like Lady Gaga’s meat dress is so repulsive to me. I think it’s pretty wrong anyway, but especially with people starving in other countries, can we not find better ways to use our food?


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  1. andrewbpaterson said,

    Great post.
    Good progress has been made, but more can be done!

    WRT the meat dress: the ways many rich people spend money are an absolutely ridiculous display of choices and values. Money spent on huge houses, the latest toys, and fast cars is wrong, especially in light of global hunger.
    But then again…I condemn this frivolous lifestyle, while the life *I* lead could be viewed similarly by someone who’s *actually* poor.

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