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August 25, 2010 at 6:51 pm (News)

I’ve read a few fantastic articles lately in my renewed obsessive devouring of news and the written word. They are great enough to warrant sharing on this here blog.

  • I won’t lie, I didn’t read the whole of this massively long feature: What is it about 20-somethings? Good question. So many of us have taken far too long to become adults, instead extending the “youth” phase of life by mooching off our parents, partying until it’s just not cool anymore and putting off starting a family. There’s far more depth and insight in the article though, you should just read it.
  • ‘Word Nerds’ make mission of eradicating typos – This is awesome. These guys travel around the country telling people about their terrible punctuation or spelling mistakes. I feel like this is a job I could be good at. I hate misplaced apostrophes and common errors in spelling. So basically, these people are kind of my heroes.
  • Speaking of heroes: How Terry Fox changed Canada. This man is probably in the top five on my (mental) list of people I admire the most. I wish I had the kind of passion and motivation … for anything … that he had to see cancer eradicated. I read this entire article and blinked back tears more than once. Terry Fox was seriously amazing.
  • Personal responsibility in an age of instant gratification. That’s quite the headline. The subject is pretty great, something I’ve ranted about quite a lot: how especially my generation has grown up expecting things to just happen to us – promotions, fast cars, beautiful spouses – due in large part to the ridiculous commercialism and materialistic society we live in. Eventually, we all have to realize that we have to work to make our destinies what we want them to be … it’s not about buying the right product or complaining enough to our politicians.

All good reads – check them out and let me know what you think.


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  1. newfcollins said,

    I didn’t read any of them, but here are my thoughts:

    On the article about 20-somethings. I think they take so long to become adults because they become adults so young. Instead of being kids until they’re 16 or so, they start becoming adults around 10. The stop playing with toys, they want to be cool, etc. So they hit a certain maturity level at a young age. But as they get older, they realize they didn’t enjoy their youth for as long as they should have, so they continue to stay at that maturity level for a longer period.

    On the instant gratification thing: A buddy of mine has a theory. I can’t remember the exact name, but for most people, it’s more about what you don’t have than what you have. For example, he was on an airplane, when the flight attendant announced they had free wireless access for computers because they were trying it out. So the guy sitting next to my buddy just all excited, opened his laptop, but it didn’t work. He spent the whole flight complaining about it. Never mind it was something that he never knew he could have when he boarded the flight, or nothing really changed. But he became upset, because all of a sudden, there was something that he thought he could have that he couldn’t, and it made him upset. He ignored the fact that he had a personal TV in the headrest, was flying in a man-made contraption miles above ground, and was covering great distances in a couple of hours. For him, it all came down to what he couldn’t have once he knew something existed, and it defined his trip for him.

    Also, you’re missing a blog post on your list about charging for bloggers. Everyone should read that.

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