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August 2, 2010 at 11:04 am (Colombia, Random)

It’s been over a month since I arrived home from Colombia. I believe I have fully adjusted to life back in Canada, but in some ways I don’t want to. I want to be sure all that I learned and experienced in South America translate into a new perspective and lifestyle here. And while I am falling in love all over again with the cities I have called home and the people in them, I will always have a place for Cali in my heart. And yes, I still hugely miss all my incredible friends there.

But for now, it’s all about Cornwall. Tomorrow I start work as a reporter for the daily newspaper. I’m nervous and excited and all the rest rolled into one.  I’m stoked to get back into writing and interviewing; the nervousness is primarily for the different pace and approach at a daily.

Tomorrow, day one of work. In eight days, my car arrives on the train from Edmonton. Anytime after that, I move into an apartment some lovely people I know have offered to me for the next couple months. I am ridiculously blessed.


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  1. returnofthejack said,

    You’re gonna rock day 1 of work tomorrow! It’s great to have you back in Canada, but amazing that you’ve learned so much in Cali – and who knows maybe we’ll go down for a trip one day! :)

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