The next president of Colombia

June 20, 2010 at 5:30 pm (Colombia, News, Politics)

Today Colombians voted in a run-off election to determine the next president of the country. Juan Manuel Santos, former defense minister, won by a huge majority. He is viewed as the candidate who will carry on the work Alvaro Uribe – “a father to Colombia”, as one person called him – has done over the last eight years. That work includes fighting back against the FARC, improving education and the economy. It’s a tough job – even election day had it’s share of violence.

Juan Manuel Santos

About 90 per cent of the people I have talked to prefer Santos far more than his rival Mockus, a two-term mayor and science teacher, believing that the now-president-elect will be much stronger in his decisions and work to root out the guerrillas.

I’m not Colombian (though I was feeling chilly in 20C weather this morning), but from what I’ve heard and seen, I’m pretty pumped about these results. I know I will be following Colombia’s progress closely in the years to come. This country is a part of me now, and I want to see it become everything it can be.


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  1. Celestina said,


    I felt offended when I read that Uribe was called father of Colombia. I believed him in his first election, when he promised he will defeat the guerrilla before his first term is due. I did not voted him the second time though. In order to secure a second term,which was not allowed by our constitution, he sold his soul to the demons of Colombian corruption.

    About the huge majority, should not be so difficult for the candidate that holds the power. Recently it was disclosed that Santos is chairman of the company that produces, delivers, collects and processes the election cards. This is the same company that was in charge in the previous election as well. So with such lacking transparency how could be possible to grant elections free of corruption?

    90 % of people I know said they would vote for Mockus, so did the polls before the first round. Perhaps you have talked to different type of people.

    Thanks for taking interest in my country.Colombia is a very beautiful country,I am really looking forward to a change in my country, we have had enough of violence and fighting, so much blood, so much pain.I don’t believe Santos will defeat the guerrilla and hope by one more term we will be ready to elect a good president. Cheers.

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