World Cup 2010

June 11, 2010 at 7:51 am (Colombia, Sports and fitness) (, , )

Well, hockey is over. I somehow managed to forget about Wednesday’s night game, when Chicago won the Stanley Cup. I’m blaming it on both my current head cold that’s making me a little fuzzy on things and my current Colombian-ness. But yay! GO CHICAGO!

It is impossible to live here and not be caught up in the hype of the World Cup. Hockey could disappear off the face of the earth and it would make no difference to most of the people I know here. Instead, they are focused 100% on the soccer tournament beginning in about an hour – even though Colombia will not be represented there. To show how intense they are about the sport, only four of 12 tenth grade students showed up for school today (so much for the final exam I had planned). The rest are probably at home sitting in front of their TVs. Eighth and ninth grades are spending their math classes in the video room tuned in to coverage.

All that to say, I am on the bandwagon. I won’t be as connected to results as I was during the Olympics, but I plan to follow the games fairly closely. Because of that, I have picked a few favourites, which include …

  • South Africa: they are the host nation, so it would be pretty neat to see them win.
  • Netherlands: my Dutch roots are coming out!
  • Italy: just because Italy is awesome.
  • Chile: I had to pick one country from the continent I’m currently living in. (This one  is subject to change depending on who my students are rooting for.)

What about you: will you be watching the World Cup or are you sunk too deep in a post-hockey funk? If you are tuning in, will you be cheering on a chosen team?


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  1. andrewbpaterson said,

    NO DOUBT!!! World Cup brings the entire globe together in the truly universal sport.
    Go Spain/Portugal/Brazil!!!!
    (pretty easy teams to cheer for!)

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