Lost: The End

May 25, 2010 at 7:16 pm (Entertainment) ()

I just finished the Lost finale. Wow.

When the screen went dark, my first reaction was dislike. Even though I had determined ahead of time that I would love anything these Lost creators put out, I felt a little dissatisfied with the ending.

Jack - always the hero.

But then … I talked about it. I’m so glad I have people to watch this show with – it just begs for discussion. And after hashing it out for a while, I realized that I am happy with how things were wrapped up, and here’s a few reasons why:

  • Well, first of all – I did NOT want the show to end with everyone blissfully together. I felt too much had happened over six years for there not to be some conflict and heartbreak in the end. So I wasn’t too impressed when everyone was connecting in the Sideways world, as I suspected everyone would just migrate over to their happier selves. But then the twist: they were all dead. Call me morbid, but it was enough to satisfy me, even though I don’t completely understand what the Sideways was all about. Basically, the island was so crucial to who they were, their connections were so deep and important, that even after death they found a way to be together.
  • And that brings me to this: I loved that in the end, the relationships were all that mattered. Sure, we can discuss mythology or the rules forever, but after that finale I realized that they are not important. The unresolved questions are inconsequential. The characters were the story. The island was the place where they faced their brokenness and shortcomings, where they changed, found redemption, discovered faith in many cases, and for everyone in the final scene (except for Boone and Locke) – fell in love.
  • I was also glad to see John Locke as his old self, especially with the opportunity to speak to Ben and offer his forgiveness. Oh, Ben. The entire show he has been driven by jealously and a need to have belonging. I was fully prepared for him to take on the role of island guardian once I understood Jack would die – and it would have meshed with my desire to see everyone have a choice instead of the role being thrust on Hurley – but it made sense for him to be the new Richard. Wow, I loved that Richard had a grey hair. He can finally live his life properly, because he knows it won’t last forever. And there was some resolution of the rules guiding the island – Ben was pretty clear when he said Hurley can run things the way he wants.
  • I was excited to learn more about the island in Across the Sea, but I was afraid the light and the Man in Black’s destructive plan would somehow end in the island being irrelevant, and the Sideways would be the ultimate reality. I was glad in the finale that there was more story around the light – it had to be extinguished in order to kill the Man in Black – but that it wasn’t the cause of the end of the world or anything. I needed the show to end with the island still in existence, to know it would go on and continue to be a place for all the character development that I mentioned earlier. I needed to know that what happened there mattered – and in the end, it’s the only thing that did.

I could probably go on for a while, but I know I’m a little behind the rest of the world and you’re probably all tired of Lost news by now. I could add some things that I didn’t like about the finale, but the entire show was just way too good for me to bring up those points now.

Well, it’s over to you now. What did you think of the finale and of the end of the incredible six-year journey of Lost?



  1. newfcollins said,

    As you know, I’ve already blogged about it (theryancokeexperience.wordpress.com), but I take issue with this line you wrote:

    “The unresolved questions are inconsequential”

    See, that’s what gets me. They’re not inconsequential. Throughout this whole series, we’ve been told the exact opposites. To ask questions, to figure things out, to dissect everything. And now we’re being told it was a waste of time.

    Also, the main reasoning for not answering the questions? Apparently, there will be a special disc in the DVD version of this season that answers all the questions. That’s why the writers and the creators have gone on an interview hiatu until then: so they won’t spill the beans.

    If that’s true, and the only reason they didn’t answer the questions was to get more people to buy the DVD, that’s pretty cheap on their part. They knew the show was ending, they had three years to gear up to answer some of the things, and they didn’t bother. All because they want to make an extra buck.

    The finale was a good season-ending, but not series-ending.

  2. Cheryl said,

    I listened to a podcast when the producers said they were planning to NOT answer all the questions on purpose, because Lost has always been a show that creates debates and promotes discussion. They didn’t want that to end when the show ended. And obviously, it hasn’t. I’m just one of those people that is okay with never having all the answers.

    Seriously – a good season ender? All of the characters were resolved. Even if you don’t like the resolution, you have to recognize that for a series end.

    • newfcollins said,

      Yes, a good season ender. The characters were resolved in the flashsideways, but not on the island (what story did Kate and Claire say when they got back? What happened with Hurley on the Island? Did Desmond get off the island? What happened to Sun and Jin’s daughter? Etc. Etc.).

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