Lost: What They Died For

May 22, 2010 at 12:59 pm (Entertainment) ()

I called it! Jack is the new Jacob. Whew, I was right about something.

And he even had a choice in the matter. Though all of the characters have undergone incredible transformation throughout the six seasons, I’d like to suggest that Jack’s metamorphosis has been one of the most dramatic. He’s still the hero, the leader, Mr. Fix-it. But now he is willing to submit himself to “fate”, to accept the job he has been destined for rather than believing in only the tangible and explainable. He changed from determined to leave the island, to giving what could be the rest of his life to protecting it. The question I have is: if they successfully complete their mission to kill the Smoke Monster/Man in Black, is a guardian still needed? Jacob’s fake mom seemed to think so – to protect it from anyone and everyone who gets to close to harnessing the magic light for their own gain. But she was a little crazy.

I thought What They Died For was an okay episode, though it raised almost as many questions as it answered. Jacob explained the process to all of the surviving candidates, but I knew most of his info already – except that apparently the crossing out of names doesn’t really mean anything.

I feel like the deaths of Widmore and Richard (if he really is dead) came out of nowhere and were kind of cheap. I was expecting both of them to serve further purposes but apparently their jobs were done. Game over, no time to linger over the implications. On the other hand, I’ve been ready for Ben to die for most of this season, but suddenly he’s in the middle of the action again.

So it looks like Desmond is trying to get all of the Sideways Losties to a concert. I suppose he’s planning to “wake them up” all at once somehow. And on the island, the Man in Black’s new plan is to blow up the entire thing. My weak theory is that one of the worlds – probably the island reality – will cease to exist by the end of the finale, and everyone will migrate to the other. If that is what happens, if the MIB is killed and the island destroyed (or sunk to the bottom of the ocean as we saw in episode one of this season) and everyone lives happily ever after in Sideways world, I will not be impressed, even if they all connect with their island consciousness and gain all of those experiences. I won’t be satisfied with that kind of resolution. But at the same time, there has to be a purpose to the Sideways – it can’t just disappear and everyone who was dead in island world is dead all over again. In short, I’m just not sure how I feel about Sideways reality. I know some people have major issues with it … that something is fundamentally wrong. Is it the world minus the island light that holds life and death and meaning in it all?

I’ve been totally okay with watching Lost episodes a few days after most of the English-speaking world. No big deal. But the finale … that’s a whole other thing. I’m going to have to basically avoid the internet entirely until I have a chance to watch The End to ensure nothing is spoiled.

Well … your thoughts on the second-to-last episode?



  1. newfcollins said,

    One of things that doesn’t make sense to me, and I wrote this on my blog earlier this week: Ben is helping Fake Locke because Fake Locke promised him he could have the island to himself. But at the end, Fake Locke said he was planning to destroy the island. Why would Ben help him do that? It doesn’t make sense. So I expect Ben to stop Fake Locke somehow.

    Also, the Black Smoke didn’t kill Richard. He had kidnapped Richard earlier this season and could have done it then. And Richard can never die, because Jacob made it that way.

  2. Cheryl said,

    Yeah, Ben is pretty much the king of manipulation, so I’m sure he has something up his sleeve. I’m sure he’ll do whatever he can to stop the island from being destroyed.
    And you’re probably right, Richard will turn up in the finale fine and dandy. I do feel like now that Jacob is dead, his job is kind of over and he is probably ready and willing to die after who knows how long of living on the island.

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