Common sense on the Hill

April 20, 2010 at 9:46 am (News, Politics)

Finally! A politician has stood up and asked his fellow Parliamentarians to leave MPs’ personal lives outside the House of Commons and to get on with governing. It’s about time.

While I’m just as captivated by government scandal as the next guy, I’m glad to see there are some elected officials with more important things to worry about.

The NDP’s Pat Martin said he hopes the RCMP can investigate allegations against former cabinet minister Helena Guergis without Parliament getting involved, allowing MPs to do the work of running a country. And sure, the media is probably just as much to blame as the members who keep bringing up the topic in Question Period.

I appreciated this quote from Martha Hall Findlay: “The more we and the media and everybody focus on people’s personal lives as opposed to legitimate issues of government operations, the fewer people we wil get entering politics.” Though I may be an exception to that rule – I watch news cycles like what we’ve had over the last couple of weeks and want to start a campaign with the hopes of being a change in the culture on the Hill.

Hey, I’m not saying the job would be easy, and I know not all of the MPs spend their days gossiping, but there’s enough of it going on to leave me frequently frustrated with the state of Canadian politics.


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