2010 Olympics: Twitter and speed skating

March 1, 2010 at 9:50 am (Rants, Sports and fitness) (, , )

I know the 2010 Winter Olympics finished yesterday, but I have a few more things to say before I will be ready to let the topic rest for the next two years.

Twitter connected me to the Olympic community.

Maybe it’s because I’m not actually in Canada and don’t have people to talk Olympics with 24/7, but social networking sites were a huge part of my viewing experience this year. I’ve used hashtags in my Tweets before, but for the last couple weeks I have been both participating in and checking on trends obsessively. I’ve never been so interested in what complete strangers have to say about something.
For those of you that read this blog regularly, you’re aware I also posted almost exclusively about the Games over the last few weeks.
Facebook was my way of communicating with other Canadians about how awesome our athletes are and how proud we are of our country’s accomplishments. It wasn’t the same as watching hockey games in a room with people wearing red and white jerseys, but through Twitter, Facebook and blogs I was able to still feel a part of the Olympic community, sharing in the spirit of the Games and celebrating athletic talent.

What about you: did you connect with more people through social networking during the Olympics than usual?

Not a huge fan of the spandex but ...

I have never deluded myself into thinking I could make it to the Olympics, nevertheless I decided what sport I would compete in if I did have any actual athletic ability. I probably enjoy watching hockey and snowboarding the most, and find curling oddly compelling, but I don’t believe I could compete in any of those. I have loved figure skating since I was a kid, but lack the grace and coordination to be any good at jumps and spins. I definitely want to try skeleton or luge someday – I should add it to my to-do list cause it just looks like way too much fun: sliding down an ice track at a hundred kilometres an hour.
Anyway, because I have been on blades since I was probably three years old, I think speed skating could be my thing. I can skate. I can skate pretty fast. I’m just not a huge fan of the spandex outfits, but I could probably deal with it as long as they are better looking than the ones used this year.

What about you: what would be your sport if you were an Olympic competitor?



  1. Karen said,

    I’m not sure what sport I would do if I had a chance to be in the Olympics…. Probably something along the lines of hockey or snowboarding.

    Cheryl! You want to try luge or skeleton?! Your right, it does look pretty fun… BUT, did you think about the name… Skeleton? Ha ha, if you do it just make sure you don’t wipe out okay? Okay.

    Love you!


  2. Rachel said,

    Cheryl – CTV showed Jacques Villeneuve trying out the skeleton. It looked super fun. We should try it together, ‘kay? I already mentioned it to Mom, and she said I wasn’t to tell her before I tried, though. And I was pondering taking up speed skating, too. Smart minds think alike! :)

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