2010 Olympics: day 13

February 25, 2010 at 10:00 am (News, Sports and fitness) (, , )

We have had a few disappointments in the 2010 Olympic Games so far, but yesterday it was all about Canada. At least, for us Canadians it sure was.

The events of the day started with us taking bronze in the women’s 5000m speed skating competition. Go Clara Hughes! Everyone was geared up for an intense round of hockey against the Russians, but it wasn’t exactly a nail-biter – we whopped them 7-3 and we’re on our way to the semi-finals. Our ladies 3000m relay team crossed the finish line third, but was bumped up to second place when the winning Koreans were disqualified. The two women’s bobsleigh teams then snagged gold AND silver.

Four medals in one day, plus a huge win over Russia. In addition, all of our athletes in both men’s and women’s short track speed skating qualified for the quarter finals with strong times – one even set a new Olympic record.

We’re playing the United States today for the gold medal in women’s hockey, and both of our curling teams are on the top of the standings, poised to reach the podiums. We may not have the most medals, but we are tied for the most golds and we’re certainly not finished yet.

Day 14 medal count: Seven gold, six silver and two bronze (fourth place overall)



  1. Felix Loo said,

    Hi Cheryl :

    We don’t know each other, but i would like to know your opinion.

    Yesterday (26th) I was watching on TV the Short Track Men’s 500 m Final, and I have a doubt…

    It was clear that OHNO (United States) touches to TREMBLAY, as HAMELIN did the same with SUNG Si-Bak (Korea). OHNO was disqualified, but HAMELIN not.
    Do you know why?

    I didn´t see that HAMELIN was touched by OHNO or TREMBLAY, and I concluded that HAMELIN intentionally touched SUNG.
    So, he won a Gold Medal, cheating…

    I think Canadians must be ashamed for this. What kind of message are we sending to our children? CHEATING REWARDS?

    Where the sportsmanship and the olympic spirit left?

    Please, I really woud appreciate your comment.



  2. Cheryl said,


    My internet wasn’t very good so I wasn’t able to watch the race live and didn’t really see what happened. However, I am sure the referees and judges have plenty of experience in overseeing these kind of events and know what they are doing. I am not aware of all the rules for disqualification, so I trust the referee’s judgement to make the call.

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