2010 Olympics: patriotism

February 19, 2010 at 9:51 am (News) (, , )

I would apologize for my Olympic-centric blog lately, but I’m not really sorry. I’m addicted to all things Winter Games for the next few weeks, and that focus will be reflected in my posts.

The Olympic flame ... behind a chain-link fence.

There’s been a great deal of criticism of Canada’s hosting ability so far, from complaints about the luge track to the lack of French in the opening ceremony and the fence surrounding the torch. Because I was too young to remember the last time the Olympics were held in our fair land, I don’t know if this is an abnormal amount of nay-sayers than usual for this event.

I won’t argue that there have been some bumps in the road for sure, and a few disappointing finishes for Canadian athletes left off the podium. But the negative coverage can’t bring us down. We may have messed up politics sometimes, but we are Canada: the land of freedom, polar bears, beauty, health care, triumph, diversity, good manners, and maple syrup. We are bigger than the Olympics. No matter what our place in the medal standings when everything is cleaned up and the world has left our borders, we will still be awesome.

Our patriotism is different from the often arrogant and unwarranted self-glorification of the Americans. They have plenty to boast about for sure, but it’s so often rude, in-your-face patriotism that it’s difficult to appreciate any of the things they are proud of.

Maybe the opening ceremony was corny, but it was Canadian. And so we should be proud. I know we’re modest and probably far too insecure, but we shouldn’t need the Prime Minster to tell us to be patriotic, it should come at least semi-naturally. I don’t care if you’re from paradise, I’ll still argue that Canada is the best country in the world. I cherish all the quirks, the vast differences between people … it’s what makes us who we are.

What’s your opinion: Are we patriotic enough? Is Canada doing a good job as host?

Day eight medal count: three gold, three silver, one bronze (fourth place overall)



  1. Moira said,

    I think you haven’t met enough Americans. We’re not ALL that arrogant about our country. In fact, many of us appreciate Canada as a great place to live.

  2. Cheryl said,

    I know TONS of Americans, and of course they are not all arrogant or look down on Canada. I just think in general, our patriotism is probably less self-confident but more true to ourselves and accurate to our accomplishments.

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