2010 Olympics: commentary

February 16, 2010 at 6:40 pm (Sports and fitness) (, , )

I’ve been watching the 2010 Winter Olympic Games on this fabulous Colombian website. Because it’s Latin American coverage, and only a few athletes are from this area, many of the competitions don’t have commentary.

At first it was weird to not have voices talking over the sound of snowboards carving the track or luge sleds careening down the slide, but now I’m totally enjoying it. I don’t mind the Spanish narration sometimes – it’s good for me to hear more of the language in a different context. But I appreciate hearing the volunteers cheering on competitors from the sidelines, the athletes themselves congratulate each other and, of course, all the fans screaming from the bleachers. And I don’t know if I ever realized how many commentators are needed live at each event, announcing each competitor as they begin their run, pumping up the crowd, and filling in any awkward silences during pauses.

I do miss some of the background info, so I’m checking stats and standings all the time as I watch live coverage. But its kind of nice to just watch the sport happen without opinions from other people piled on top.

Even though I’m not in Canada, I still get a little teary with each Canadian that steps onto the podium. Today Maelle Ricker snagged gold in the snowboarding cross, our men’s curling team beat Norway in a round robin game, and we’ve decimated all the competition so far in women’s hockey. Keep it up, Canada!

Day five medal count: two golds, two silvers and one bronze



  1. storyofnadia said,

    Although I’m not Canadian, I too feel the joy each time a Canadian wins a medal. Maelle Ricker, on the podium, was so moving. I was ecstatic for her.

  2. Cheryl said,

    Okay, I admit I missed Rod Black’s voice during figure skating.

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