The only place I’d rather be …

February 12, 2010 at 7:25 am (Sports and fitness, To do before I die, Travel) ()

I am absolutely thrilled to be here in Colombia teaching a fabulous group of kids. I seriously miss home and my family and friends. But there is only one place I would truly rather be today: Vancouver. The 2010 Olympic Games begin today!

Last summer I interviewed for a volunteer position at this year’s Olympics, and also applied for a media spot, hoping one of the two would work out. Attending the Games in some capacity is on my life to-do list, and what better time to participate than when it is hosted by my home and native land? Pride in our athletes and abilities will be at an all-time high as we cheer Canadians to the podium.

I wanted to be there, and I still wish I had a teleporter so I could hop over for the gold medal hockey game and some freestyle skiing competitions. I’d love to be one of the reporters shoving recorders into athletes’ faces after they had just broken a world record. I have done profiles and coverage of Olympic athletes, coaches and other participants in the past and thoroughly enjoyed it – especially the glimpses of what goes on behind the television coverage: before and after competitions and all the training and energy invested in preparing for the big event.

And about coverage, I’m hoping to watch as much as I can online, but it will definitely not be the same as two years ago, when I stayed up late and woke up early just to see competitions live in Beijing. One night I was practically jumping on the couch as I watched Canadians take gold in their event.

It won’t be the same this year – seeing fellow citizens accomplish their life-long dreams at the Olympics in British Columbia … while I am on a different continent. Nevertheless, I will be cheering them on at every opportunity.


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