Superbowl XLIV

February 8, 2010 at 10:51 am (Sports and fitness)

I was pumped to see the New Orleans Saints pull off their first Superbowl win, at their first Superbowl appearance. I didn’t think all the pressure on the team to show “New Orleans is back” was warranted, but I guess it worked out for them. The interception in the fourth quarter was definitely the high point.

It was a whole new experience watching the big game with Spanish commentary and without the famous Superbowl commercials. It lacked the intensity and hype found in spades as North Americans dedicate their day to the game coverage.

But on the plus side, I found this website with all the commercials I missed. Some are extremely lame, and I don’t understand why people would pay millions to put something on air that’s not even good. My personal favourites are Doritos: Play Nice and Google: Parisian Love. Yours?



  1. keithosaunders said,

    Sportscasters are always looking for a theme, but I found the CBS announcing team to be pretty good and they stuck largely to the action on the field. Don’t know about pre or post game since I didn’t watch either.

  2. andrewbpaterson said,

    WOOHOO, SAINTS!!! Awesome game, great result!
    The best commercial, in my opinion, was the Bud Light Autotone commercial, and of course the Focus on the Family Tim Tebow one.

  3. keithosaunders said,

    Yeah, the Tim Tebow commercial brought a tear of joy to my eyes. I’m really hoping that he can take his family values to another level once he makes the NFL. We can only imagine the family planning heights he can acheive once he gains a larger platform. I’m hoping, with Tim’s help, we can increase the world population by as much as 20%. Go Tim!

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