Recap: Jan. 24 – 30

January 30, 2010 at 10:36 am (Colombia)

It’s been an interesting week.

I feel much more relaxed in front of the classroom, confident in the material I’m teaching and willing to admit if I don’t have an answer. However, the students have also become more relaxed, and in their case it makes them much less eager to do any actual … you know, work. I’ve had to have “talks” with nearly all of my classes to remind them that school is in fact about learning, not playing soccer or chatting with friends. I’ve had to also explain that it’s up to me to decide what we will do for our lessons, not them, since I’m … you know, the teacher.

Don’t get me wrong – these kids are great. They just need a little (or big) nudge now and then.

I’m not a fan of confrontation, so it hasn’t been my favourite week of life. But despite butting heads with a few students, I’ve also had numerous opportunities to laugh with others and generally enjoy our time together.

Like in eleventh grade when one of the girls brought her guitar to school since she had lessons later. She entertained us with her phenomenal voice, and then graciously allowed me to pluck out a song. I haven’t touched the instrument since I arrived here, so it was nice to jam for a couple minutes – and the class was generous enough to say I sounded good, though I don’t believe that was the case.

Have I said recently that I’m thrilled to be here? Because I most definitely am.


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  1. Karen said,

    I’m glad your having some fun in between some chaos, your awesome Cher!


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