Proroguing Parliament

January 12, 2010 at 1:43 pm (News, Politics, Rants) (, )

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has decided that instead of resuming Parliament this month after a Christmas break, MPs will have until March 3 to return to Ottawa. I know the suspension is old news now, but I have been a little behind on what is going on in my nation’s capital lately.

While the decision might not be undemocratic, I’m definitely not a fan. Canadians have been riding the roller coaster for too long already – is someone going to call an election? when? why? – and it seemed like our leaders were just getting into the groove of governing again. Maybe even making some long-term plans instead of the usual what-can-we-do-before-the-next-vote agenda.

The Olympics, the economy, Afghanistan … none of these are reason enough for the government to give itself an extra break, though I will definitely be expecting some detailed plans on the major issues after an extra two months away from the House of Commons.

Canadians deserve a Parliament that will do its job. I’ve generally supported the Conservatives in the past, and I’m not saying this stunt alone would make me vote for Michael Ignatieff, but I’m thoroughly disappointed. No matter how politically clever this may for Harper and his party, it’s not good for the country. When we actually have some time in between elections, I’d like to see the officials I voted for getting something done on the Hill.


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  1. Cheryl said,

    Okay, maybe it is good for the country. I’m with Adam Dodek ( on this one: I’d like to see the outrage over the prorogation push citizens to more active engagement with their government, like say … voting in elections.

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